You really want to have free Apex Coins, Legend Tokens and Crafting Medals, but you don’t want to spend any money and you also have no clue how our hack is working? No problem, we made a tutorial for you! We will explain step by step what to click and what to expect. With our help you will save lots of money and still get the best skins for Apex Legends!


Before we start you should notice a few things:

  • Nobody is going to ask for any kind of personal information (no password, no e-mail)
  • It works for every gaming console, PC and soon also for iOS and Android
  • The coins and other items will remain on your account no matter what
  • You can update the game any time you want without any losses
  • We always improve our hack and add new features daily
  • It is available in many different languages including german and french
  • We also got a huge collection of cheats, tricks and tipps for this game


apex legends hack apk

Step by step tutorial

  1. Click on the blue “Online Hack” button on this page
  2. Enter your correct username and choose your correct system
  3. Click on “Connect”
  4. Choose the amount of free coins, tokens and metalsĀ 
  5. Choose if you want the actual battle pass
  6. Click on “Generate”
  7. Wait a few seconds and follow further instructions if needed
  8. Buy any skins or items you want in the game! Have fun!


Thats how easy it is. Sometimes it can happen you have to verify yourself. This depends on many factors, for example what country you come from, how many people are using the online hack at the moment and many other factors. The verification is completely for free and shouldn’t take longer than two minutes. Hopefully we helped you! Have fun with your free items.